Sound for the Eyes

July 15, 2014

I read an article recently on the need for an “Instagram of Sound” – the idea being that I can record a short audio clip and then immediately share it to a network. After searching and searching, I couldn’t find the one I read, but there’s a good article on Motherboard which makes the case. […]

It’s a Twitter Robot!

July 10, 2014

I’ve been fascinated by the proliferation of non-spammy Twitter bots in the last year. Chatbots have been around for a long time (remember SmarterChild on AIM? Anyone?) and they’ve migrated to Twitter. One of the more famous (and in the end, decidedly disappointing) chatbots on Twitter was @horse_ebooks. It would tweet non sequiturs at various […]

Let’s Go to Mars

May 22, 2014

No, not that Mars. FlipCon14 is coming up June 23-25. This is the 7th annual event, and I’ve had the privilege of watching it grow from 35 people in Woodland Park (FlipCon10) to nearly 450 last year in Minnesota. This year, we’re in Mars, PA (near Pittsburgh) and we’ve got a fantastic lineup planned. Along […]

Talk, talk, talk

May 12, 2014

Twitter mailase has set in big time. Twitter is dying! No, it’s just beginning! I’m not sure I can really explain my own confusion or mixed feelings. The power in any network is in how it allows you to connect with people. Part of the reason I’ve started to migrate away from Facebook is because […]

Asking the Questions

May 1, 2014

Short post tonight. For the final assignment this semester, we were asked to read Thomas Friedman’s OpEd on Passion Quotient and Curiosity Quotient as the big need moving forward in the world (the previous need being IQ – intelligence quotient). I have to admit, this particular assignment really stumped me. I wasn’t sure about what […]