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8. Genetics


Genetics Test Multiple Choice Form

Chapter 8 Notes
Genetics Notes Packet
Awesome overview of genetics – Prezi by David Knuffke

Podcasts (Screencast Video Folder)
8.1 Genes and Aleles
8.2 Genotypes and Phenotypes
8.3 Punnett Squares
8.4 Dihybrid Crosses
8.5 Sex-Linked Traits and Incomplete Dominance
8.6 Codominance and Multiple Alleles
Meiosis Animation
Another good meiosis animation

Projects and Activities
Fruit fly Punnett Squares
Ishihara Color Blindness Test – Have your parents take the test so we can determine your genotype in class!
Punnett Square Practice
Punnett Square Answer Key Even MORE genetics practice problems – These provide instant checks of your crosses.
Parent Genetics
Meiosis Case Study
Meiosis Case Study 2

National Geographic: How to Build a Dog

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