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9. Molecular Genetics

Notes Packet
Multiple Choice Answer Form

Caveman DNA Article
Human Genome ProjectQuestions
3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda
Smoking ban article 1 –
Smoking ban article 2 –
Smoking Response Questions

Podcasts and Other Video (Screencast Folder)
9.1 History of DNA
9.2 The Double Helix
9.3 DNA Replication
9.4 Coding the Strand
9.5 Transcribing the Strand
9.6 Translating the Strand

Other Awesome Resources
DNA Replication Animation
Transcription Animation
Translation Animation

Projects and Activities
Color Instructions for DNA Origami
YouTube video explaining how to fold your model.
DNA modeling. Click “Always run on this site” when asked.
DNA Modeling Questions
Transcription and Translation Review Lab by Robert Wallon

1st Period Timeline

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