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3. Naming Inorganic Compounds

Chapter 3 Test
Naming Test RETAKE

Chemical Naming Notes Packet
Chapter Objectives

Assessments and Quizzes
Concept Check 1Video Answer Key
3.3.a – Naming Binary Compounds without Transition Metals
3.3.b – Naming Compounds with Transition metals
3.4.a – Naming the Polyatomic Ions from Memory – Make sure you read the directions for inputting answers.

Podcasts and Other Video
The Periodic Table – Review
Ionic and Covalent Bonding – Review
Naming Binary Ionic Compounds
Naming with Transition Metals
Naming Polyatomic Ions
Naming Acids and Bases

This is the Emelemts Song from YouTube if you’d like to watch.

Practice and Other Resources
Quia Tests and Games
Naming Elements Practice Game. How fast can you finish the table?
Naming Ionic Compounds This game does not include polyatomic ions.
Writing formulas for polyatomic ions
Naming polyatomic ions from formulas

Online Practice Worksheets
Practice of all nomenclature (naming).
A list of different practice depending on what you specifically need work on. Includes answer keys.

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